New Washington Police Department

New Washington Police Department

We are a Professional Law Enforcement team dedicated to promoting safe, secure neighborhoods and improving the quality of life of our residents through Community Partnerships with the citizens of the Village of New Washington. Our core values are more than minimum standards, they remind us of not only what we stand for, but most importantly who we are; “One of the most trusted and respected members of our community”. These values not only guide our conduct, but inspire us to do our best.

The Goal of the New Washington Police Department is the protection of life and property, crime prevention, the apprehension of criminals, the regulation of traffic to ensure safety of motorists and pedestrians, serving as ministers of the courts by serving all legal writs and court orders, providing assistance during times of crisis and In general, to serve the public.

The Village Police Department is located behind Village Hall at:
119 East Mansfield Street, New Washington, Ohio


NON-EMERGENCY POLICE DISPATCH: 419-562-7906, Answered 24 Hours/day

Police Department: 419-492-2321


Chief Jeremy W. Schick #141      E-Mail

Officer Brian Langjahr #142        E-Mail

Officer Charles Doan #143           E-Mail

Officer Kody Leitz #144                 E-Mail 

Officer Hunter Lover #145            E-mail

Officer Louis Katona III #146       E-Mail

Officer Zackery Bennett #148     E-Mail




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