• Regional Income Tax Agency

    EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2018 The regional income tax agency (RITA) will begin collecting municipal income tax for the village of New Washington. Please follow link below for full explanation letter from Mayor Lash!

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  • Community Recognition Program!

    The New Washington Village Council began a new program of recognizing and thanking entities of the community that are making the New Washington community a better place to live. Buckeye Central School was the first recipient to be recognized at the January 9, 2017 Council meeting. The program consists of inviting the recipient to be recognized to the first Council meeting of the month to enable Council to publicly thank and recognize the recipient for their contribution to the community. Council has selected the first few months’ recipients to begin the program. Council is requesting members of the community to submit nominations to comprise a pool of potential recipients. The potential recipients could be individuals, civic organizations, businesses, or groups that are contributing to making New Washington a better place to live. To nominate a potential recipient simply call the Village office at 419-­‐492-­‐2656, leave a message with your name and the entity you wish to nominate. If you wish to mail in a nomination, include your name and mail to: New Washington Village P.O. Box 217 New Washington, Ohio 44854


The Village of New Washington

New Washington is a village in Cranberry Township in Crawford County, Ohio, United States. New Washington was laid out in 1833.It was incorporated as a village in 1874.

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